London's first professional queuing service - We queue so you don’t have to!

Whether you are stuck at work, you are visiting
for a couple of days or just do not have time,
we queue so you don't have to!

About Us

Restaurant? Concert?
Product launch? Ticket sales?

We have a team of professional Kyooers who wait in line for you at London’s most popular locations, at any time and for as long as you need.

Just tell us when and where!

Order your Kyooer via our app or by emailing us. Just tell us when, where, how long and for how many people you would like your Kyooer to wait for. Once your order is confirmed, a countdown will display the remaining time before your Kyooer joins the queue.

Get live updates on the status of your Kyoo

Once your Kyooer joins the queue, you will receive a notification. Your Kyooer will update you on your expected waiting time by sending you live pictures of the queue. You can request additional waiting time if the queue is longer than you had thought. You can call or text your Kyooer at any time if you need more information.

Replace your Kyooer in line

Simply give your Kyooer a call and find out his exact location. The Kyooer will have an easily recognizable company jacket to spot him at first glance!

Easy and reliable

Any questions?

How much will it cost?

The price will depend on how long you would like the Kyooer to wait for. There is a fixed call-out charge of £5 and then our rates are £15 an hour.

How will I know how long the Kyoo is?

If you are placing an order in our of our suggested locations, Kyooz gives you the average waiting time for the day and time you are looking at. This is only an indication so we recommend that you book what you expect to be the minimum waiting time, as you have the possibility to request additional time later throughout your order. Our Kyooer will send you pictures and updates on the status of the Kyoo from the moment he joins, and as often as you request it. This will enable you to plan your arrival accordingly. Remember, you can ask the Kyooer to wait for longer at any point during your order.

How many people can replace the Kyooer in line?

The Kyooer can only be replaced by one person in line (except for restaurants). We ask you to respect this rule out of respect for the other people waiting in line. If more than the agreed number of people show up to replace the Kyooer, he/she has the right to refuse to give you his spot in line and your order will not be refunded. For restaurants, we follow the policy imposed by each venue. You can see what is the maximum number of people allowed when placing your order for a restaurant.


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