About us

Kyooz is a growing start-up
that saves people time.

Our Story

Kyooz is London’s first professional queuing service. We have a team of professional line sitters (our “Kyooers”) who work hard to reduce our customers’ waiting time at London’s hottest venues. Our mission is to provide a reliable and affordable queuing service to our clients. We aim at making queuing as easy and efficient as possible. Our vision is to transform modern queuing habits across Europe through a seamless service.

We all find ourselves in situation where we just do not have time. When stuck at work, or just here for a few days, no one should never have to give up on their favourite restaurant because of the excessive queue. This is exactly why Kyooz was created: to help people with their increasingly busy lifestyles. So let us Kyoo for you, while you can make the most out of your time!

Meet some of our Kyooers!

Abhinav studies at King’s College and is a Kyooer when he doesn’t have exams. When waiting in line, he can be found listening to music and calling his friends. He loves cricket and dreams of making a lot of money to make his parents proud.
Lucia studies Business Management at Queen Mary University and was one of the first Kyooers to join our team. When waiting, she uses this time to study and read. She loves cooking, good food, sunny days and is saving up for her next trip to Chile (to see penguins)
Elisa is a Marketing and Media student at London Metropolitan University. She is Italian but has been living in London for the past year. When she isn't Kyooing, she enjoys going out with her friends, concerts, going to the beach and is hoping to queue for long enough to pay for her trip to Chile to visit her best friend!
Jennifer is one of the first Kyooers to have joined the team. She has been living in London for the past 7 years and spends most her time taking care of her beautiful 5-year-old daughter. She loves travelling and is planning on opening a French restaurant in Lagos in the next couple years.

Contact Us

We are constantly aiming at improving our service through customers’ feedback. If you have any comments or suggestion on our services, or if you just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Queueing Company Ltd.

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