Become a Kyooer

We are always looking for new Kyooers to save our customers’ time and keep them smiling. Get paid to wait in line in London’s most popular restaurants, events and sample sales.

Flexible Hours

You can choose which order to accept based on your availabilities, with no obligation to work on a pre-defined shift. Be your own boss!

Make the most of your time

You can spend your time in line however you like. Study, watch a movie, read the news or call a friend!

Make money

You are paid automatically through the app, depending on hour long you are queuing for. And there are tips too!

Quick Process

Get set up within a couple of days and be ready to start working!

How will it work?

Kyooing has never been so easy! Get your order through the app, join the queue and get paid when your customer replaces you!

Get all orders through the app.

Once we receive an order from a customer, all Kyooers receive a notification. You can see the job details (location, date, time, duration and number of people) and choose to accept or refuse it based on your availability. This works on a first-come first-serve basis: the first Kyooer to accept the job gets it assigned to him/her.


Join the queue at the agreed time.

The app will show you a countdown to the time you have to start queuing. It is key for our customers that we respect this time and therefore, once you join the Kyoo, you need to let our customer know through the app.


Wait in line, make the most out of your time.

You can spend your time in line however you like. Study, call a friend, watch a movie, listen to a podcast or read the news… You decide!


Give live updates to your client.

You will need to update the customer on the estimated waiting time. When joining the queue, just send a picture to your client. Based on the information you send, the customer can choose to add additional waiting time (this typically will not be longer than an hour but we recommend you plan accordingly just in case).


Let your client replace you.

Once your time is up, your client will call you to meet you and replace you in the Kyoo. Thanks to your company jacket, your client will easily spot you in line.


Get paid for your time.

Once the client has confirmed he has taken your space in line, you will immediately receive your pay for the job on your account balance. You can choose to transfer the money from your account balance to your personal account at any time.

What will I need?

Before you can become a Kyooer, you will need:

The right to work in the UK

We just need to make sure you are legally allowed to work in London

An iPhone 5 or above

At the moment, the Kyooz app is available on iOS for iPhone 5 and above. Using Android? We are working on an app and should release it very shortly. Drop us an email and we will get in touch when it is ready!

Kyooz equipment

We provide you with our signature jacket so that customers can spot you easily. You just need to collect it!

Become a Kyooer

Fill in our application form, send it to and we’ll be in touch shortly
Application Form

Have more questions?

Please send us an email at to tell us you’re interested and we will be in touch very shortly with more information. To be eligible, you will need to:

  • Be 18 years old or over
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Not to have ever been convicted of a criminal offence (which is not a spent conviction within the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)
  • Have an iPhone 5 or above

You will be working for Kyooz as an external consultant – you will have an auto-entrepreneur status.

No. You will be your own boss. You are free to accept/reject any new incoming job as long as you do at least 4 jobs per month.

You will be paid £12 for the first hour and £9 for any additional hour. This is more than any courier services!

As soon as the client confirms he has replaced you in the queue, the money will be transferred to your account balance

No. When you accept a job, you commit to our customer. New jobs come at least 24 hours ahead of their starting time which allows you to plan accordingly. Please only accept a job that you know you will be able to do.

We encourage you to tell the people around you that you are a professional line sitter and you are queuing on behalf of someone else. If they know someone will replace you in the queue, people do not have any reason to be mad. On top of that, Kyooz operates a strict 1 for 1 policy, meaning that only one person can replace you. For restaurants, you might be queueing for more people than that, but this wouldn’t differ from a person waiting for his group of friends. So nothing to worry about.

We encourage you to tell the venue’s staff that you are a professional line sitter straight away. If there is any issue with a particular venue, please contact us.

If the client has contacted you to let you know he was late for more than 15 minutes, please politely ask him to add additional waiting time to your order. If has contacted you but refuses to add time, please be patient and allow up to 15 minutes for him to meet you. If you have not got any message/call from your client since you started the order, and you have been waiting over 15 minutes beyond the agreed meeting time, please contact us. You should not have to wait for a late client for more than 15 minutes beyond the agreed time.

We try to enforce meeting times on clients as much as we can, but sometimes things are beyond our control. We are working on features of the application to make sure clients are charged for the time they are late – bear with us!

You can only confirm you have started queuing within a 500m radius of the location. You will also need to send a picture of the queue within the first 10 minutes of your starting time.

You have 10 minutes beyond the agreed start time to confirm you have started your job. Any minute beyond that might be deduced from your pay.

We understand that this can be a difficult situation to handle. As we will explain during your training session, you should only give your place in line if you feel comfortable doing so, and if you believe other people in the queue will not get mad. A client who does that is breaching his contract. If you do not feel comfortable letting more people in the queue, please politely explain to the client that this is not what was agreed on the order and that he is making a bad reputation for Kyooz. This rule is mentioned in our terms and conditions and you have the right to refuse to give your spot in line in this situation. Typically, clients will understand that, but if you have any issues, please contact us.

Kyooz takes a 40% fee on all orders. This is in line with other professional queuing services across the world. Registering as a professional line sitter on other platforms rarely offers more than our rate per hour. We are able to price our services at a premium thanks to the smart tracking system and convenient payment methods offered through the app.  

If there is no apparent queue at the venue, please check immediately with the waiter if there is a waiting list. If there is, put your client's name and number of people on the list (and his/her contact number if required). Message your client immediately to let him know:
- His/her name is on the waiting list
- How long is the estimated waiting time (as per the waiter's indication)
- Some restaurants will ask you to stay around, others might tell you they will text when the table is ready. There are also restaurants where they tell you you can go away and come back, but if you miss the time when your name is called, you miss the table. Whatever they tell you, please let your client know immediately and ask him/her what he/she would like you to do

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