Frequently Asked Questions

Simply place your order via our app or by emailing us. All you need to tell us is where, when, for how long and how many people you would like your Kyooer to wait for. Once your order is placed, you will see a countdown until your Kyooer starts waiting.
When the Kyooer joins the line, you will receive a notification, as well as a picture of the queue. You are able to request additional waiting time if the expected waiting time is longer than you had thought. You can call or text your Kyooer at any time to get more information. When time is up, just meet your Kyooer and replace him in line.   


All our Kyooers are equipped with our bright coral company gear so you can spot them easily. You can also call or text your Kyooer at any time to find out where exactly he/she is in the queue.


The price will depend on how long you would like the Kyooer to wait for. There is a fixed call-out charge of £5 and then our rates are £15 an hour.


When joining the line, our Kyooer will explain to everyone around them that this is their job and that someone will replace them. As long as the agreed number of people replace the Kyooer in line, there is no reason for people to get mad. They are expecting you.


The Kyooer can only be replaced by one person in line (except for restaurants). We ask you to respect this rule out of respect for the other people waiting in line. If more than the agreed number of people show up to replace the Kyooer, he/she has the right to refuse to give you his spot in line and your order will not be refunded.
For restaurants, we follow the policy imposed by each venue. You can see what is the maximum number of people allowed when placing your order for a restaurant.


If you are placing an order in our of our suggested locations, Kyooz gives you  the average waiting time for the day and time you are looking at. This is only an indication so we recommend that you book what you expect to be the minimum waiting time, as you have the possibility to request additional time later throughout your order. Our Kyooer will send you pictures and updates on the status of the Kyoo from the moment he joins, and as often as you request it. This will enable you to plan your arrival accordingly.
Remember, you can ask the Kyooer to wait for longer at any point during your order.


Absolutely. At the moment, you cannot do it through the app but you are more than welcome to tip your Kyooer when you meet him/her.


Absolutely, just enter your desired location in the Search Bar on the map. If this is somewhere we have not been before, we will just ask you for a little more information (what are we waiting for, should we give your name, will there be any security or identity check, etc.).


We generally allow up to 15 minutes beyond the agreed meeting time for you to replace the Kyooer in line. You can call your Kyooer to let him know you will be slightly late but if you think you are going to be longer than 15 minutes, we would kindly ask you to add additional waiting time to your order. Note that beyond 15 minutes, the Kyooer has no obligation to wait for you (remember he/she is not paid for any minute you are late!).


You can cancel your order free of charge up to 24 hours ahead of the starting time. After that time, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Less than 24 hours but more than 12 hours: 25% cancellation fee
  • Less than 12 hours but more than 2 hours: 50% cancellation fee
  • Less than 2 hours but before the Kyooer has starter waiting: 75% cancellation fee
  • Kyooer has started waiting: 100% cancellation fee


The minimum waiting time is 30 minutes.


Due to the service being new and the number of Kyooers still limited, we are taking orders at least 24 hours in advance. We are working hard to reduce that time, just bear with us.


Our Kyooers are reliable, friendly and punctual professionals. They have all been trained to wait for you, and to manage expectations of other people in the line. Most our Kyooers are students and flexible workers.


If you have just placed your order, this is normal. It means that we have not yet assigned a Kyooer to your order. Finding the right Kyooer for you can take up to a few of hours.


Unfortunately, we cannot refund you for any waiting time that you have overestimated. The best way of avoiding this situation is by booking what you expect to be the minimum waiting time, and add additional time if necessary based on your Kyooer’s updates.


Not yet – but we’re working on it!


Can I download Kyooz on Android?
We are working on an Android version and should release it very shortly. If you would like to know when it’s ready, drop us an email at


Just like "queues" of course! 

We can drop your name on any restaurant's waiting list. Our Kyooer will give your name and phone number to the restaurant, so that they can contact you directly once your table is ready. We will also let you know the expected waiting time announced by the restaurant so that you can plan to be in the area around that time.
If the restaurant operates a waiting list, just place your order for the minimum time (30 min) and we will take care of the rest!

You can enter your promo code when placing an order. Your discount will be applied to the price of the order immediately! 

You can tell your friends about the app and you will earn £5 for every order they place.

If your friend told you about Kyooz, use his/her referral code when signing up and you will both get £5 off your next order (if you place an order!). 

To find your referral code, click on "My Profile". You can share your referral code with your friends from there. 

We can, but you need to notify us via e-mail of what you would like us to buy and where you would like it delivered. We'll be in touch with the next steps. 

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